Educational Advocacy

Please call our office at 860-217-0098 if you would KSLC to help  arrange an appointment for educational advocacy. This is arranged at an hourly consulting rate with any one of multiple advocates in the area,  and is not covered by insurance. Consulting time includes record review, phone and email correspondence with parents and professionals, meeting time with parents,  and actual  time at PPT meetings.

If your advocacy needs are  Speech-Language specific, then please inquire about arranging for one of our licensed therapists to assist you with your child’s PPT/IEP needs, accommodations, or to review your current school  program for a second opinion.

We also contract with  schools in Connecticut for independent evaluations, training, and staffing needs.

For more information on why you may need an advocate click here   COPAA

Legal Assistance

For  situations that  cannot be resolved through the help of an advocate, we can arrange to have an attorney review your school records free of charge, make recommendations regarding the strength of your case , and find the best fit for an educational attorney who can help you. We believe in  a more  “a la carte”  approach and use a pool of attorneys who are willing to assist you with any part of your case, whether that be a long term process, or a smaller legal matter without charging you exorbitant retainer fees.

Our goal is to make legal assistance for those in need of educational guidance more attainable  for families.