Fear of Public Speaking

King’s Speech and Learning Center offers 5 Tips to

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

1. Accept your nerves and channel them into enthusiasm.  Pre-presentation jitters are perfectly normal.

It is what you do with them that can make or break your presentation. It  will take more energy to try to hide your anxiety, so instead, talk through it.  Engage your audience right from the  start in a spontaneous conversation to break the ice. For example, you can ask for a show of  hands to indicate background or familiarity of topic.

2. Prepare your speech to the point of  comfort and confidence with  the concepts of your message.

Avoid trying to recite lines verbatim from your notes.  Instead, focus on telling a story, or delivering a message.  This will help unlock your fear of public speaking. picture worth a thousand words.

If  preparing a Power Point, carefully select images which will serve to cue you to the subject matter you wish to include. The same pictures will help your listeners follow your material.

4.Don’t always take it seriously.

Use humor and anecdotal support whenever possible to calm your nerves and maintain your listeners’ attention.

5.Use non-verbal communication and voice modifications.

Remember to show your passion in teaching the material to your listeners. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate your hand movements to emphasize a point, or vary your speech tone and vocal intensity to keep your delivery lively, and ease any tension in your body language.

Lastly, come to our King’s Speech Practice Night to unlock your fear of public speaking on January 17, 2014 from 6:30- 8:00 PM !

Cost is 50.00 to attend. Feedback will be provided by licensed speech pathologists as well as other attendees.

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