Perfect for families with time constraints who are not able to schedule weekly therapy visits at a clinic. The “Wait Your Turn” Speech-language Boosters group follows the same philosophy as other enrichment classes offered at preschools such as gymnastics and phonics in that enrollment is voluntary, and runs for  six week sessions with payment made upon registration. Groups range in age from 2-6 and in size from 3-6 children. Classes are taught by a licensed speech-language pathologist and are goal oriented. A variety of activities are used to unlock your child’s language problems such as interactive games, songs, and books which are theme based for each class. Fabulous results have been noted for shyness and social delays. Feedback is provided to the child’s parents and teachers to increase the carry over of speech and language goals.

Speech-language Boosters Ages 2 & up
Minimum 3 Kids & Maximum 6 Kids
Classes are 60 Minutes Long
$190 dollars for 6 weeks

Call 860-217-0098 to arrange a group at your preschool