1. King’s Speech Nights for practicing public speaking, interviewing and small talk skills in a group environment.  Click here
  2. Parent and caregiver training to maximize social language skills
  3. What to include in IEP goals and accommodations  to support your child’s social language needs
  4. Dealing with difficult behaviors at home related to communication deficits and sensory and attention issues: Surviving daily transitions and high maintenance play dates
  5. Step by step confidence building in children with shyness and/or other social challenges
  6. Bridging the gap between school intervention and the child’s overall needs for success and happiness: Understanding the difference between home and school
  7. Structuring the classroom to support language pragmatics and social emotional needs in all children
  8. Para-professional Training: incorporatig pragmatic language goals into daily interactions
  9. Oral Sensory Feeding Program- a step by step approach
  10. Social Mediation on the Playground
  11. Teen Communication- Training for parents to maximize their teen’s communication development through their   daily interactions

Some  school systems that we have worked with include:

Connecticut Technical High School System

Options Employment and Educational Services

Berlin Public Schools

Windsor Public Schools

Mansfield Public Schools

St Mary’s School

Mooreland Hill School

Watkinson School

Farmington Public Schools