At KSLC, we can complete an independent Speech-language, or Occupational Therapy evaluation by licensed and credentialed  therapists.  By supplying the team with comprehensive and objective data, including  both standardized, and informal assessment measures, the family and school can better collaborate on an IEP that is best suited for the child.

Whether the independent Speech and/or Occupational Therapy  evaluation is requested by the school district, or the family, every effort is made by our evaluators to maintain an honest and professional relationship with all parties with the child’s best interest in mind at all times. We realize that the PPT process can be challenging and we help guide families to having a strong relationship with their school professionals as a means to serving the educational and social emotional needs of their child.

We understand that the process can often take longer than anticipated, so we will make every effort to schedule the evaluation and provide  written documentation of results in a timely manner. Please call 860-217-0098 if you would like to schedule an independent speech-language, or occupational therapy evaluation, or any related  consultation or treatment services, including professional development training for staff.

Some  school systems that we have worked with include:

Connecticut Technical High School System

Options Employment and Educational Services

Berlin Public Schools

Windsor Public Schools

Mansfield Public Schools

St Mary’s School

Mooreland Hill School

Watkinson School

Farmington Public Schools

Newington Public Schools

Hartford Public Schools

Simsbury Public Schools

Torrington Public Schools