At King’s Speech and Learning Center we follow the “lifelong learning” philosophy, and treat all ages.

 Adult services include:

  •   Neurogenic Communication Disorders
  •   Aphasia
  •   Speech and voice problems post CVA (stroke)
  •   Dementia
  •   Parkinson’s Disease
  •   Brain tumor or brain injury
  •   Neuromuscular degenerative diseases
  •   Dysphagia/Swallowing Disorders- Oral, pharyngeal, and pharyngeal- esophageal
  •  Voice Disorders- from surgery, overuse, allergies, or trauma
  •  Interviewing skills and Career Coaching
  •  Post Concussion language, cognition and memory problems
  •  Public Speaking
  • Small talk/social skills ( anxiety, lack of confidence +/or a pragmatic language disorder)
  •  ADHD management
  •  Dyslexia
  •  Auditory Processing Disorders
  •  Stuttering/Cluttering
  •  Accent Modification