ADD, ADHD or Executive Function Disorder Symptoms which can be helped through intervention:

  • Difficulty with listening retention
  • Easily distracted- Avoids activities which require sustained attention
  • Limited attention to detail resulting in frequent mistakes
  • Excessive nervous energy
  • Exhibits anxious behaviors that may be distracting to others (tapping pencil, humming), and lead to social rejection
  • Excessive talking- Difficulty “getting to the point”
  • Impulsivity in conversation- Blurts out answers in class, and frequently interrupts others- Difficulty waiting for his/her turn
  • Difficulty in modifying behavior to fit group situations
  • Difficulty transitioning from one task to another (cognitive switching)
  • Chronic disorganization result in poor time management
  • May have difficulty expressing self in a fluent train of thought
  • Poor verbal memory
  • These and many other symptoms can be assessed and possibly even helped through our services.

Our services for ADHD include a thorough case history interview, and evaluation of  working memory, verbal fluency and  auditory attention and processing. We formulate a treatment plan to strengthen deficit areas based on results of the initial assessment.  We not only train strategies to accomodate for ADHD, but also work to strengthen skills sets through exercises in session, and through a home program.