Communication and Behavioral symptoms of ADD and ADHD which can be helped through intervention:

  • Doesn’t always listen when spoken to. Often daydreaming
  • Limited attention in play
  • Reduced attention to detail. Avoids activities which require sustained attention.
  • In school, may not always follow instructions, which may lead to embarrassment when identified by the teacher
  • The child often leaves his/her seat at inappropriate times (lunch, classroom)
  • Exhibits annoying behaviors that may be distracting to others (tapping pencil, humming), and lead to social rejection
  • Excessive talking; difficulty “getting to the point”.
  • Impulsivity in conversation, blurts out answers in class, and frequently interrupts others
  • Difficulty waiting for his/her turn
  • Difficulty in modifying behavior to fit group situations.
  • Difficulty transitioning from one task to another due to inattention and disorganization, resulting in lagging behind, and  isolatiing from group.
  • May have difficulty expressing self in a fluent train of thought.

These and  symptoms of executive function disorder can be assessed and  helped through our services:

  • Reduced auditory attention
  • Reduced working memory and concentration
  • Reduced follow through of multi-step commands
  • Disorganized; frequently looses and  forgets things
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Difficulty getting started and/or putting closure to tasks
  • Difficulty with written formulation of ideas, despite good command of the material
  • Either slow and deliberate completing homework, or fast and careless
  • Easily distracted
  • Excellent attention, but  varies according to interest in subject or activity

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