High School/College/Professionals

King’s Speech Nights are held periodically throughout the year

Cost is 50.00 for a 90 minute workshop lead by a licensed speech pathologist

Older Teens and Adults meet many communication challenges, perhaps for the first time.

  • Job application process
  • College interviews
  • Job interviews
  • Public speaking
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Everyday informal conversations
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Social anxiety or speaking phobia
  • Presentations

Kings Speech and Learning Center can help Teens and Adults with many aspects of communication such as: 

  • Overcoming shyness
  • Social skills training
  • Eye contact
  • Clear speech
  • Projection
  • Nonverbal expression
  • Content organization
  • Elaboration
  • Fluency
  • Holding listener’s interest
  • Appropriate referencing skills
  • Conversational balance
  • Turn taking
  • Topic Maintenance
  • Listening skills
  • Direct response to questions
  • Animation
  • Dialect differences
  • Word retrieval

Let us give your teen a head start in one of the most challenging job markets we have seen in years.

Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment 860-217-0098