Occupational Therapy

The aim of occupational therapy is to achieve independence, meaning and satisfaction in all aspects of a child’s life, activities of daily living (ADL). For a child with learning, sensory or motor challenges this may mean help with:

  • Occupational Therapy  home visit for  a  “sensory diet” specific to your child and his home environment
  • Full battery of O.T. assessments necessary to diagnose challenges in reaching independence with Activities of Daily Living, including feeding, dressing, learning, memory, concentration, cooking, etc.
  • Fine motor coordination for activities such as tying shoes or grasping a pencil to improve writing mechanics
  • Typing and texting
  • Therpaeutic Listening Program
  • Oral sensory feeding program for picky eaters, nutritional challenges,and/or weaning from G-tube
  • Sensory integration therapy to help regulate multiple forms of incoming sensory stimuli, or to improve specific auditory or visual processing skills
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