King’s Speech Summer Groups

Summer Groups at King’s Speech

Groups run weekly from June 27  through August 10, 2017


Pragmatics/Social Language: Perfect to carry over skills from 1:1 treatment or school. Targets behaviors such as verbal Initiation, emotional regulation, conversational balance, impulsivity, and social anxiety. Ages 6-9; Thursday 5:00-6:00  and Ages 9-13 Thursday 5:45-6:45. NEW-Older students will have the opportunity to mentor younger students for the initial 15 minutes of their session.

Recess 101 run by a licensed Occupational therapist. Perfect to supplement your child’s current OT program. Focus will be on surviving recess at school by expanding their repertoire of sports that they are comfortable playing, and improving their game strategies! Days and times TBA.

Reading: Perfect to supplement 1:1 reading intervention! Reinforce sound rules, syllable dividing and word chunking strategies as well as fun ways for left brain boosting, including improving verbal memory, and using visual imagery to increase auditory and reading comprehension. Don’t allow summer rusting. Instead have your child return to school in September ahead of the game! Must be able to participate in group activities for 1 hour without disruptive behaviors.

Day and time TBA

Fantasy Writing: We will use creative writing as a platform to make writing fun  whether your child is weak or gifted at writing. The group will address writing conventions (capitals, punctuation, grammar and spelling),  staged editing, peer feedback , strategies to facilitate development and organization of ideas (including electronic aids), and selection and use of graphic organizers (copies will be provided to save for September! ). Must be able to participate in group activities for 1 hour without disruptive behaviors Ages 12-15, Tuesdays 5:30-6:30

Social Language Group

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