Dyslexia Press Release

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Dyslexia Press Release

King’s Speech and Learning Center and Decoding Dyslexia-CT to Bring

Join this FREE screening and panel discussion of Dislecksia: The Movie, the first film to portray dyslexia as a learning difference, and not a disability!

West Hartford, CT — June 18th, 2015 – King’s Speech and Learning Center and Decoding Dyslexia- CT will be hosting a free screening of Dislecksia: The Movie at the Noah Webster Library (Main Library) – 20 South Main Street West Hartford, CT 06107 on Thursday June 18th at 6:30 p.m. The film will be followed by a panel discussion where audience members can discuss their thoughts on the film as well as interact with parents, advocates, law makers and providers in the dyslexia awareness movement. Don’t miss this one-time event! Doors open
at 6:15 p.m.

DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE is an engaging documentary that weaves vintage classroom footage, celebrity interviews and the comedic touch of dyslexic director Harvey Hubbell V into an engrossingly entertaining film on a serious subject. The film features interviews with a wide range of successful individuals with dyslexia including entertainment industry people such as Billy Bob Thornton, Joe Pantoliano, and Stephen J. Cannell; business moguls such as real estate guru Barbara Corcoran and celebrated neuroscientists and top educators within the dyslexia field. The film advocates for a new approach towards teaching Dyslexic students, urging educators to view Dyslexia as a learning difference, not a learning disability.

Tickets are FREE! Register through Eventbrite.com https://www.eventbrite.com/orderconfirmation/17065066072/425635050/AA6ItQPOhvhub7Cv40gc-SPIwB4x10awcw/

“We are very proud to make this film available and excited that we are working with Tugg Inc. to bring it out to the widest possible audience,” commented director Harvey Hubbell V. “After many years of being painfully misunderstood during my schooling, I knew I had to make a film to create the greatest awareness for dyslexia for the countless individuals of all ages that are unnecessarily struggling to thrive and be understood. I believe that all humans learn differently and that we have the power and opportunity to create a better society by empowering individuals and organizations to recognize, honor and grow the gifts that each of us possess. This film has the power to change lives,” Hubbell continued.

ABOUT HARVEY HUBBELL V – Director/Producer/Writer
Harvey Hubbell V is a humanitarian and award-winning filmmaker. His documentaries have garnered over 55 film and video festival awards, including four Emmys. He has written and directed the multi-award winning comic documentary Electronic Road Film, which received an Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Program. Loop Dreams, Harvey’s first feature-length documentary, won the Gold World Medal for Comedy at The New York Festivals and three Emmys for Outstanding Entertainment Program, Individual Achievement for Directing, and Program Writing.
Founded in 1992, Captured Time Productions, LLC creates documentaries that bring to life topics of current and relevant social value that transform lives, build community, drive innovation and encourage positive social change. Captured Time Productions has produced films on topics ranging from human reproductive rights, American culture and identity, globalization, and most currently, learning differences and dyslexia.
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To Book Screenings of DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE: https://www.tugg.com/titles/dislecksia-the-moviehttps://www.tugg.com/titles/dislecksia-the-movie

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