Music Therapy provides a fun safe place for kids

KallieMusic Therapy with Miss Kallie

Mondays @ 5:30 pm

King’s Speech and Learning Simsbury, CT

Music services are offered at King’s Speech and Learning Center as a means to accelerate verbal and social development in children who may have general delays, oral or verbal apraxia, social anxiety, or social language difficulties.

Our aim is to provide a fun and safe place where your children can have the freedom to enjoy music through singing, playing instruments and dancing.  Goals from Speech and Occupational Therapy, or general behavior goals can be incorporated. Class is taught by a licensed music therapist from Infinity Music Therapy Services.

Music therapy is useful for:

• self-expression, and communication.

• improving attention

• learning to follow commands

• managing social anxiety or shyness

• learning how to share, take turns, and interacting with others

• improving verbal skills

• helping children process sensory information.

• developing gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, and walking.

• developing and improving fine motor skills including grasping, writing, and facial movements such as winking.

An 8 Week commitment is needed
Cost for private pay is $280.00/ 8 weeks session

To register contact King’s Speech and Learning Center at 860-217-0098, or email






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