King’s Speech and Learning Collaborates with Jewish Family Services of Hartford

I was thrilled to go for a tour and meet with some of the administrators at Jewish Family Services of Hartford (JFS) a couple of weeks ago. JFS is a non-for-profit and non denominational organization in West Hartford, Connecticut which offers social services to families of the Greater Hartford area. Upon sharing our missions and brainstorming on how we can collaborate together to service the greater Hartford community, we realized that we are a very nice fit for each other! We both strive to support our clients and their families with matters of well being that may not always be fully addressed at the doctor’s office, or at the local school.  We both agreed that life has gotten pretty stressful for the average family these days, let alone for the family that is caring for one or multiple children with special needs.

For starters, we decided to collaborate in the following ways:

I. King’s Speech and Learning Center will help collect cleaning and toilet articles to contribute to the JFS pantry. We are asking our clients to help by bringing the following items to our office:

Cleaning Supplies

  • Glass cleaner All-purpose cleaner (Fantastic, 409, etc.)

  • Toilet bowl & bathroom cleaner Scrubbing powder (Bon Ami, Ajax, etc.)

  • Sponges, Scrubee, Brillo & SOS pads, dish detergent

  • Laundry detergent Paper towels & toilet paper


  • Hand cream & body lotion, Shampoo & conditioner (for adults, children & babies)

  • Baby lotion, baby wash & wipes, toothpaste & toothbrushes

  • Disposable razors

  • deodorant

  • Soap

II. Judy Rosenfield from KSLC will offer a free presentation to the staff of JFS to serve as a training session regarding the scope of  services speech pathologists offer, when to refer to a speech pathologist, and some of our specialty services at KSLC, including social language groups, adaptive music instruction, ABA therapy, and educational advocacy.

III. We will both begin to use each other as resources for our clients. If you click on the image above, you can visit the JFS website to learn more about the wonderful services and projects they are offering in our community!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future collaborations!

All My Best,

Judy Rosenfield




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