The Power Of Music

As a strong interactional medium, music has the power to change the way we interconnect with each other. It can provide another layer of thinking or another way to comprehend the value of communication. Everyone has a rhythm, even non-musical people. Oliver Sacks, a writer and a journalist for the Oxford Journal, once wrote: “Our auditory systems, our nervous systems, are tuned for music. Perhaps we are a musical species no less than a linguistic one.” One of my favorite quotes is the one made by Hans Christian Andersen who wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks”. As a music educator, I have the chance to work with students of all ages, all levels, and all sort of talent; yet I always considered the music group at KSLC as one of the greatest educational opportunities I have had. The reason I say this is because the KSLC group allows me to see a group of children, who do not know each other, communicate and interact freely through the only common thing they have: music.

All the children in the workgroup had a unique and personal expression through music and each and every one knew how to add his or her own personal touches to enhance the musical outcome of the group. The songs we selected were picked through a joint decision-making process and the performances were a joint effort; each member of the group had to learn his role whether it was the chords, the beat or the lyrics. After a long, hard but fun work – the final concert was a blast.

I think that each member learned important values from the effort they put into this group, values that were based mainly on the auditory channels of communication, the ability to listen to the other, and the ability to self-express in a group setting. Everything has been done through active listening and respecting the others’ “want”. Eventually, this is the only way to make music and create harmony.

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of the KSLC music group. I highly recommend joining, simply because I really think it is a unique and somewhat rare experience for children, since it provides a safe communication environment and a safe stage for every performer. That is the power of music.

Written by Shay Bachar
KSLC guitar and music instructor

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