Multi-tasking is Hazardous to Your Health

Who would have thunk it?

Multi- tasking is harmful to your health!  Yes,  Stanford University researchers  found that people who juggle different sources of electronic information do not focus or remember as well as people who work on one task at a time.  I’m in trouble now.   I have been so proud of my Iphone- it was going to be my way of staying off the computer while not at work- or not.  All I really have been doing is juggling my electronic addictions!

A study  from the U.K. found that 60% of kids with Smartphones consider themselves “highly addicted” to their devices,  while even twice as many  adults found themselves addicted.  A new term now exists to identify how often one looks for messages , called, “checking habits”.  To summarize, below are  some interesting stats on Smartphone usage.

  • One  out of every three adults have a smart phone
  • The average adult checks their phone 34 times per day
  • Average checking  is  less than  30 seconds in 10 minute intervals
  • Sixteen  is the average age kids get their first smart phone

For more details, please refer to NCC  News Online’s article,  Smartphone Addiction.

“Breaking the Smartphone Addiction”   in the Harvard Business School newsletter reviews the book  entitled, “Sleeping with your Smartphone” by Leslie Perlow. The book describes an experiment  completed by a  group of c0-workers who  proved that  saying goodbye to their Smartphones  resulted in  more productive use of their time, and reported the following positive outcomes (as compared to coworkers not involved in the project):

  • 51 percent (versus 27 percent) were excited to start work in the morning
  • 72 percent (versus 49 percent) were satisfied with their job
  • 54 percent (versus 38 percent) were satisfied with their work-life balance