Boys’ Social and Learning Challenges: Gaming to Re-engage for Learning

As a special holiday tribute to all of our favorite boys out there, I am offering a 3 part series  on the social-emotional  and learning challenges young boys face in today’s culture.  The post below is the first of a three-part series in an effort to better understand boys as a unique entity.

 Ali Carr- Chellman on TED Blog highlights 3 reasons why boys are out of sync with today’s school culture:

  • “Zero tolerance” policies to violence, video gaming and how they are lived out-  Have we gone too far when a high school  Eagle Scout is suspended for carrying a pen knife in his car?
  • Fewer male teachers- 93%  of elementary school teachers are female, so at least 30 hours per week lack a male role model
  • Kindergarten is the old second grade, resulting in a compressed curriculum that is counter productive to active boys who are forced to sit still to read and write

Did you know???

For every 100 girls, there are: 

  • 400-500 boys in reading resource programs
  • 276 boys diagnosed with a learning disabilities
  • 324 boys diagnosed with emotional disturbance
  • 400 boys diagnosed with ADHD
  • 350 boys suspended from school
  • 331 boys expelled from school

Also noted….. 60% of bachelor degrees are awarded to females with  rates expected to climb to 70% in the near future

For  fascinating facts on why boys experience more learning challenges than girls, and what is needed to re-engage boys….

Click on the TED Story video link below:

Ted’s Story: Gaming to Re-engage Boys in Learning

Wishing everyone (our favorite girls included) a wonderful holiday season!

Watch for King’s Speech and Learning Center’s next blog post titled,

” Male Species, or Asperger’s?”


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